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How Electronic Warfare is Shaping the World’s Militaries

We often think about electronic warfare as something that only happens in the movies or television shows. However, the world’s militaries take EW very seriously. That is why the United States Military recently launched their Electronic Warfare Programs Council in the past couple of years. The idea behind the group was to come up with coordinated strategies related to EW, and drive innovations within the sector.

For a military with the power of the United States, EW is more of a side concern. It is not the primary way that wars are won or lost. Nations that have militaries of a smaller scale may rely more on EW, which means their need for innovation is even greater. And that is perhaps the reason why the U.S. is so intent on keeping up with those nations when it comes to electronic warfare.

Types of EW Products

There are so many items that could be considered part of a military’s electronic warfare strategy. Tools such as jammers and decoys have been part of EW for many years. As an example, the modern Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets allow the military to track and identify the precise location of enemy forces. They can even jam radio frequencies and spoil enemy attacks using the electronic tech built into these fighter jets.

How EW Impacts the RF and Microwave Industry

Given the importance of electronic components to modern militaries, it is no surprise that military organizations are putting increased pressure on the RF and microwave industry to produce items of a higher quality and capability. Whether it is a broadband power divider, hybrid coupler or a hybrid combiner, the military needs these products to perform with exceptional reliability and precision. While the demands are a challenge, they also lead to great innovation. And it will be no surprise if this innovation eventually impacts general consumers.